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SellKit v1.5.0

New Feature

Bug Fix: Fixed Funnel Elementor dependency issue.

Bug Fix: Fixed database names errors with hyphen.

Bug Fix: Fixed radio button style in checkout builder widget.

Bug Fix: Fixed a small Elementor error when SellKit is activated.

Bug Fix: Fixed warnings while saving discounts.

Bug Fix: Fixed Optin incompatibilities with other themes.

Improvement: Improved checkout builder widget mobile design.

Improvement: Improved the size of SellKit widgets' icons.

Feature: Added Funnel flowchart structure.

Feature: Added Funnel Contacts feature.

Feature: Added some extra conditions to funnel.

Feature: Added Opting widget.

Feature: Added Opting Step.

Feature: Added an option to checkout builder widget for term of services.

Feature: Added Funnel Import/Export/Duplicate feature.